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Rail freight can be provided to shippers as an integrated part of their supply chain.

Where you use logistics service providers you can request them to examine the possibilities for using rail. If you work directly with haulage companies or have operations in-house, you can still explore rail as an option - services are available or can be tailored to even smaller hauliers or shippers, via the logistics providers or increasingly the rail freight operating companies themselves.

Services that are offered by FOCs now range from providing the rail leg as a simple haulage operation to integrating with the production process or logistics movement.

Whether it is a specific rail haulage service you require or a more fully comprehensive service incorporating a rail element, these companies should be able to help – it can easily be combined with your existing logistics arrangements.

For those planning to make a very significant commitment to rail freight, locating next to a suitable rail line and building or buying your own private sidings with loading facilities is an option.

In Scotland some Government grants exist to help fund the creation of such facilities. However, for most companies, the way to make use of rail will be to operate through existing rail freight interchanges, which are owned and operated by operators and logistics providers.